Thursday, August 1, 2013

English essay 1

What are the benefits of new technology ?
Most people can’t lead a pleasant life without new technology. Modern culture was  developed with the benefits of new technology. Many people prefer the benefits of new technology. Other people don’t prefer technology such as the Amish. I prefer the benefits of new technology. Some types of typical technology are examples of medical technology, industrial products, and Internet technology.
    First of all, I prefer the new medical technology. DNA technology is used to find the origin of intractable diseases. Also we can know about a lot of things from the research of DNA. Nowadays, a researcher has found out about specific longevity in DNA from older humans. It’s called sirtuin DNA. We could be able to live longer by studying about these DNA. Also I.P.S is a good example of a medical new technology. There are so many researchers in developed countrys. A Japanese scientist named SHINYA YAMANAKA won a Nobel prize in physiology or medicine for IPS. IPS is expected to be practical use for a solution of the cause of illnesses, and the development of new medicine and medical treatment for cell transplantation such as a muscular dystrophy. A lot of patients hope to get new medicines. Most diseases are now cured by these new medicines that could not be cured in the old days. Cancer and AIDS are might be able to be cured by these new medicines in the near future. People can get the benefits of medical facility. I always saw a lot of new medical equipment when I went to the hospital. Most people must benefit from that equipment. 
    Second of all, I prefer the latest industrial products. When I was child, I saw an animation movie about a robot that was cleaning a room. But this product hasn’t become the future. A vacuum cleaning robot called “i-robot roomba” is now selling at the stores. Bidet toilet seats are installed on most of the toilets in Japan. A lot of toilet paper was consumed by the bidet. Now, I really want to get a slow speed juicer. A slow Juicer is a juice extractor that uses a low speed technology system to extract juices. It’s possible to digest and absorb fruit and vegetable enzymes without damage to the live fresh enzymes by extracting slowly. A blue tooth wireless system is a new kind of technology where it is possible to transmit data on a computer. A blue tooth wireless system is used for a wireless headphone, mic and music receiver, and other things.
   Finally, I prefer internet technology. I can’t lead my daily life without the internet. It’s possible to share and get information. Specially, the internet is useful when I make a schedule and search for any kinds of things. Also, the internet system is able to communicate with people. There are so many communication systems on the internet such as e-mail, skype, online chat, twitter and facebook. The internet is used to manage and operate bank accounts. We don’t need to go to the bank frequently. Also, you don’t need to go out for shopping if you use the internet even for selling.
    In conclusion, most people can’t lead a comfortable life without new technology. Many people prefer to the benefits of new technology. Other people don’t prefer it. I prefer the benefits of new technology. For example there’s Medical technology, industrial products and the Internet. Obviously, modern culture has been developed by the benefits of new technology. I think new technology definitely influences people. I hope that it becomes key of a good future for a developing culture.