Friday, August 30, 2013

English essay 2


   Most people had the experience of learning. Everyone is wanting to learn. Why do most people want to learn? I think learning is important things as a part of all people’s lifes. There are three ingredients to successful learning which are wanting to learn, knowing how to learn, and having a chance to learn.    
  Firstly, why do people want to learn? In my opinion, people want to get a better job. Most people hope to have a successful life that means including money. People don’t want to be poor. They want to eat a lot of delicious food, living in a good house and having a happy family. Of course it’s not possible to buy happiness with money. However, money is really important for living in modern culture. Next, people are helped with a problem by having knowledge in daily life. An English philosopher said that knowledge is power. I agree with this saying that people can’t lead a life without knowledge. Also, knowledge is able to help people in need when they use a skill and their technical skills. That’s why people want to learn because they also might be thinking that they want to make themselves useful. If I have knowledge of medicine, I can help African people in a refugee camp. In addition, people want to have more self confidence. Some people aren’t content with things as they are. There are a large number of jobs that require deep knowledge.
   Secondly, how do people know how to learn? Most people buy books, read news papers and search the internet. I suppose these ways are easy and save money when learning. If you go to a public library, you can find books and study. The second example is going to school and taking a class that is the most effective and useful way because it’s possible to learn from professional teachers who must have experience and their own teaching methods. Possibly there are students with the same purpose as you and they are able to share information and you can study with them. Besides, Some people learn by themselves depending on the content they are studying. The advantage is that you can capable of learn of your own pace. On the other hand, Some people apply for a job even if inexperienced because the company recruits new members for internships.
    Thirdly, having a chance to learn is heipful. If I want to get a chance to learn, I will spend money if possible or if I have a lot of money. Also, I will spend time if I have a lot of free time. However, I think there is another good way to have a chance to learn. I play jazz music. I sometimes use a workshop. Some famous professional musicians teach and perform. Likewise, I join a social network or community. People gather for the same purpose to be able to achieve their own goals by exchanging information and cooperating with other people.
   In conclusion, most people have experience about learning. Everyone is wanting to learn. There are three ingredients to successful learning which are wanting to learn, knowing how to learn, and having a chance to learn. People spend money and time. Also, People learn from other experienced people and share information with people with the same goals. People like challenge for improving their own ability for enriching their lives. Learning is an important part of life.